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Japan x Korea Snack Box | Fat B 日韩礼盒

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  • OYUFISH Salted Egg Fish Skin 咸蛋鱼皮 180g x2 
  • OYUFISH Salted Egg French Fries 咸蛋薯条 150g x2 
  • Sutorii Healthy Baked Mushroom 健康香菇脆零食 90g x1 
  • Yopokii Cheese Korea Topikii Packs (2 persons serving) 240g x1 
  • Yopokki Korea Instant Topokki Cup (Spicy / Cheese / Onion) 140g x 1 
  • Kaizocool Salted Egg Fish Skin 130g x1 
  • Kaizocool Salted Egg Potato Chips 130g x1
  • Samyang Extreme Hot Chicken Ramyun Bowl 韩国辣面 105g x1 
  • Gudetama Hot Spicy Pretzel 40g x1 
  • Nissin Ramen (Aka 豚骨濃湯/ Kyushu 九州濃湯豬骨 / Black Garlic Oil 黑蒜油豬骨) Tonkotsu 出前一丁棒丁面 178g x1 


If have a special issue, we will replace other snacks with the same value.